© 2011 Iris van Daalen

Design Academy Eindhoven | department Identity 2009.

The ‘Zuiderzee museum’ gave the department the assignment to design something with the old basketry techniques.

Iris chose ‘hair’ as the base material. Hair is a very important part of your own identity, it is your own growing material.

Beside that Iris was caught by the story of the women who stayed at home while the men were fishing at sea (Zuiderzee).

They stay at home care and doing their householding in the costume and hairstyle specific in every village around the Zuiderzee.

Iris researched costumes and hair styles of the past and nowadays and make this in a photoserie who tell a story.

These pictures were part of the exhibition ‘Gone with the wind / Gejaagd door de wind’ in the ‘Zuiderzee museum’.

concept idea and styling;  Iris van Daalen

model: Janneke Swinkels

photos;  Lisa Klappe

Girl with the ship. You can read her silver plated mind (silver ship).

The shippers woman is longing for her husband to come back from sea.

The only certainty is, that she is married with him.

Girl with the braided basket.

Her life is suffering, her marriage and her work as a fisher women.

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